origami empowered by Arduino

Rigid Origami with Yoshimura Pattern

Synching the structural design, mechanical and the electrical power was the main challenge of this project.

Electrical Elements and Features are as followed: Power Supply 7.5 dc/ 1.5 A with power strip as switch, Arduino Uno Controller, ME Electronics Stepper Motor Driver, 200 steps per revolution (1.8 Degrees/Step) Stepper Motor.

Features of the selected origami are:

• Panels remain undeformed during the folding process

• Hinges are straight.

• The only deformation is the rotation of hinges

stepper motor connection to the mechanical base
making the origami
adjusting the proper electrical power at Georgia Tech Electrical lab

The behavior of this origami with the Arduino system is similar to a spring, as when it moves inward, the pressure pushes is outward. So it needs a very strong power motor. While re-evaluating the project, I made the new origami structure with a lighter material, and I made a base for base the stepper motor and the whole structure. The base would embed the hardware of the project as well. I also embed the code. I noticed that we need to make a space between the arms and the upper surface to minimize friction.

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